05 June 2010

Super Source for Grocery Staples!

Y’all know I loves my good deals, in the kitchen and anywhere else, too. One of my great resources for certain grocery staples is…

Dollar General, or as I call it, DoGen! We have one less than 2 minutes from my home, it is small but very well-stocked, and the prices are suh-weet!

For example, I just bought an 8 oz. bottle of vanilla flavoring (store brand) for around $1! That’ll last a while and whatta good price! I priced a similar bottle online and it was $9.99! That’s a 90% savings!

DoGen also typically has a great variety of canned vegatables (20 oz) with a twist – like jalapeno-infused blackeyed peas! I think I bought a can of those for 69 cents! And my Jets Fan loved them. I’m now a loyal purchaser.

DoGen’s selections of spices and condiments is impressive and def more affordable than the supermarket. And those are the grocery staple items that can really add up, so every little bit of savings helps, right?!

I could go on and on, but I know you want to get down to DoGen, so I’ll let you go! Oh! Check out DoGen’s website here – it’s great – they have all kinds of useful and interesting online tools to help you!

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Hugs & Yums, Laurie

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