20 May 2010

Sugar & Spice Sweet Potatoes

So, the baked sweet potatoes I made last time didn’t tempt the kids enough! Time to try something different! Here’s what I did:

food 001  food 003

I drained a large can of sweet potatoes, put them in a pie pan and smooshed them up good! Next, I seasoned the taters with both cinnamon-sugar and seasoning salts to provide a unique taste of both sweet and savory/spicy.

food 004 food 005

Then, I added lots of mini-marshmallows and, to top it all off, I crumbled up a couple cinnamon graham crackers to put on the dish – hey, it’s a free-for-all around here!

food 009 food 014

I baked it in the oven at 250 degrees for 10-15 minutes – obviously, I should’ve pulled it out a minute or two earlier – but I convinced the kids the marshmallows were supposed to be almost black in places, like roasting them over a campfire – ha! Actually, I don’t mind them that way!

This post finishes up the description of the quick and simple brown sugar ham grill and veggies dinner I started a couple of posts ago. It didn’t take much time at all and was oh so tasty and good! And the kids? They ate more sweet potatoes this time than the time before! Progress! I’ll continue on my quest…..

Hugs & Yums, Laurie

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  1. Way to go with that imagination, Mom. :) I do that sometimes with my kids, too. I guess we have to do that to get them to eat, right? I've never tried making sweet potatoes both sweet & salty before! Great idea! Thanks for sharing this recipe at the Recipe Share Party!