06 April 2010

CANDY CHOCOLATE PUDDING CAKE (w/magic ingredient!!!)

{How on earth did I manage to get so many goodies into one dessert name?  You can’t tell I like sweets, can you?! }
A couple months ago, I discovered an interesting way to use canned pumpkin (no, not that interesting!).  Anyhoo, apparently you can mix canned pumpkin with any boxed dry cake mix in place of all the other ingredients you usually have to add (eggs, oil, etc.).  Who knew?  I have done it a couple times with yummy-good results, both with yellow and chocolate cake mix.  With the yellow, it looks/tastes a little pumpkin-y, but ultra-moist.  With chocolate, it’s just rich chocolate goodness!
This weekend, I noticed a can of pumpkin I needed to use.  By the way, I can’t find it year-round, so I buy extra during the holidays.  This time, I added the canned pumpkin to a box of fudge brownie mix, iced it with chocolate frosting and topped it with M&Ms (you could sub in any icing, candy you like).  Lookie here!
  spring 003 spring 001
Oh.my.goodness.  Combining the dry brownie mix with the canned pumpkin resulted in a super decadent baked-pudding-consistency chocolate cake!  The frosting and candy just added more sinfulness to it all!  We are all thoroughly enjoying it! If you wonder what I mean by pudding-consistency, this cake reminds me of the chocolate molten-center cakes, but a little more solid.
It’s so much fun to experiment in the kitchen with new ideas! And how can you go wrong with chocolate and candy involved?!
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  1. Laurie this is an absolutely like changing post!
    Who knew! I'm not kidding. Do you know how I badly I really bake? I could actually do this.
    Could you tell me what size the can of pumpkin you use.
    I bet this really cuts the calories and ups the nutrition.

  2. Yvonne, I used a large can this time, maybe 20 oz. or so? Hope you like trying it! Thanks for your sweet comment. Your blog is gaw-geous!

  3. wow, who knew, I can't wait to try this, YUM!!

  4. Wish I had known this before. I have 2 cans of pumpkin I bought because my son loves pumpkin pie and pumpkin cookies. Around Halloween (while making pumpkin cupcakes) we discovered he had become allergic to pumpkins.

  5. I had heard that canned pumpkin worked super well with chocolate cake but never tried it before. Now you tell me it works with brownie mix??? Up is down! Left is right! Everything's all mixed up now! haha

    Looks and sounds incredible!

  6. Is it the family size brownie mix you bake in the 13x9 pan or is it the 8x8 square pan? Thought it was safer to ask before trying this as I made a cake with applesauce one time where I guessed wrong and the very moist mix bubbled out of the cake pan all over the bottom of the oven which we discovered when we noticed the thick black smoke filling the kitchen! (true story). Can't wait to try it.