30 March 2010


I LOVE ALDI FOODS!  Do you shop there, too?  One day, I’m gonna post about all my favorite items there.  Today, however, an Italian dinner idea!
italian food 002
Aldi sells these pasta rolls for less than $5  The rolls are large and stuffed with delicious cheese.  No sauce, though.  Hey!  An opportunity to provide OPTIONS for my family (especially my teenage son, the pickiest of the bunch!).  This time, I whisked up a creamy pesto sauce (from a packet I got at ALDI!) and also served a spicy marinara with diced tomatoes.  But, you could easily add an alfredo sauce to the menu as well.  I made 1/2 with each sauce.  The result?
 italian food 003
I added a simple salad and another recent DELICIOUS Bi-Lo find, GARLIC MONKEY BREAD(gonna have to learn how to make this – a huge hit at our house)!  Sorry, the pic is of the cinnamon (only one I could find), but the garlic parmesan flavor is in the same type box.
monkey bread

This easy-to-make supper resulted in a very happy (& full) family!
Hugs & Yums,
PS  You know I’m gonna try the cinnamon flavor, too!

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  1. Hi, I'm over from Tasty Tuesday. I saw your saucy pasta rolls and I was intrigued. They look delicious. I don't think I've ever seen them in the grocery store but I'm going to have to watch out for them ( and also for the garlic monkey bread). What a great idea for a quick and easy meal! :)