01 September 2010

Cookies and Cream Sammies

{It’s been a while since I’ve posted a recipe, but I’m back! And now, I’ve folded Laurie’s Food Files into my main blog, Scene of the Grime, hence the new blog header. You can still access my recipes by going to http://lauriesfoodfiles.blogspot.com or you can go to http://sceneofthegrime.blogspot.com and click on the FOOD FILES button. Either way, I love to have you come visit me in my creative kitchen!}

Want a quick and easy idea for a fun family dessert? How about this:

cookie sammies

What you need:

Ice cream (any flavor)

Cookies (homemade or store-bought soft cookies)

What you do:

1-Set your ice cream out for a few minutes and let it soften.

2-Scoop a small amount of ice cream out and place it on a cookie turned upside down.

3-Now place another cookie (right side up) on top and gently press down.

4-Wrap cookie in wax paper. Put all wrapped cookies in a freezer bag and store in freezer.

5-After dinner, take out your sammies and serve with a smile!

This recipe will be saved in my Food Files for your convenience. {This post may be linked to blog parties on my linkies page.}

Hugs and Yums, Laurie

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  1. I've not made these in years but you just reminded me how yummy they are.

    Also,thanks for visiting my blog to talk about the FB bible study group. I am going to pop on this week- though I am really hoping to find an inperson group because I would love the in person friendship too. I;ve just struggled to make friends since living here. Not that you asked to hear all that- haha. But you are so incredibly sweet to reach out to a stranger like you did. THANK YOU!