12 July 2010

Bountiful Bermuda!

We just returned from a wonderful extended family adventure to Bermuda! What a blessing to travel together and get along and see new and different things!!! I wanted to give you an idea of some of the foods we enjoyed and observed on the island.
We enjoyed visiting many pubs on our trip: Hog Penny, Flanagan’s and the famous Swizzle Inn!
FISH AND CHIPS                                  BANGERS AND MASH
The kids lived on these:
Bermuda is known for two special drinks: the Dark ‘n’ Stormy and the…
RUM SWIZZLE – I didn’t try this, but it is a verrry famous drink in Bermuda that some of the fam slurped up!


RUM AND GINGER ICE CREAM – I tried this and loved it! Ginger is almost as popular in Bermuda as rum. They even have Ginger Beer there.
An interesting food fact about Bermuda is that the food is un-be-liev-ably ex-pen-sive!!!!! A loaf of bread can cost $11!!!! Drinks cost $5. The average home is $1.6 million. We heard all this from a Bermudian citizen. Can you believe? Unreal!
So, we had a wonderful, memorable trip…but, in the end, foodwise it was great to get home to…

Yay for American food prices!!! Now I’ll be much more appreciative of them! Ha!
Hugs & Yums, Laurie


  1. what a fun food tour -- thanks for sharing. I love ginger... great spice!

  2. I have never been to Bermuda. I have heard that it is just lovely. Glad I don't live there with those prices. The ice cream sounded very intriguing. Wonder if there is a recipe for it on the internet. Thanks for sharing and hope you had a trip of a life time.

  3. The fish & chips are making my mouth water! I hope you and the family had a great time on vacation (or holiday, as they call it).

  4. Sounds like a fantastic (and delicious!) holiday!!

  5. Yummm...fish and chips! Black rum cake, and rum and ginger ice cream? I will have to try these.

  6. I've never been to Bermuda. Your food tour is a great post (your drink photo links are broken)!

  7. Never been to Bermuda either or anywhere near. Awesome photos and food! Thanks!