30 May 2010

Extra-Tasty Taco Salad Buffet

I made taco salad fixins' for supper the other night and, rather than do the usual routine set-up, I came up with a couple ways to boost its appeal a bit, not that tacos need any help with that!

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Taco Meat – In addition to taco seasoning, I also use about 1/2 jar of salsa and this time, I sprinkled in some seasoning salts (my new fave go-to spice) and some chili seasoning as well. When I salted the pan before browning the meat, I used the seasoning salts rather than table salt. Adds a little extra flavor.

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Sour Cream - Instead of plain sour cream (truly awesome on its own), I spiced the sour cream up with taco and chili seasoning. Doing this extends the flavor a little further and also looks more interesting (to me!).

pop art projects 010Dip - This time, I served queso cheese dip in addition to salsa and taco sauce. Now this takes no genius on my part, just the willingness to spend a little more money to treat the fam! We loves our cheese.

pop art projects 008

Here’s the finished taco buffet. I love it - easy, colorful and delicious! By the way, I know these ideas are very simple – you probably do twice as much to your tacos already! – it just takes moi a while to catch on and experiment! Just my 2 cents of ideas for the day!

Hope you’re eating well and enjoying life! God bless! {This post may be linked to blog parties in my sidebar.}

Hugs & Yums, Laurie

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