16 March 2010


This is our kitty.  He is 2-1/2 years old.  He’s a biter.  But, he’s mellowing in his older (teen?) age and loving on us more, especially in the mornings.  His actual name is Westen.  He is named after Michael Westen, a spy character on Burn Notice.  Lately, though, a new nickname has caught on…
lll 003
Is it any wonder we’re calling him “Waffles” these days?!  Every morning, when the 2 younger kiddoes are eating their breakfast waffles, he has to be right in the middle of everything.  He likes to rub heads with the kids and just wait for them to finish and lay their plates down.  Yep!  He likes to lick the syrup!  It’s probably terrible for him, so I don’t let that go on for long.  Waffles is quite the culinary sophisticate.  He’ll come back to the blog another time and tell you more about his foodie tastes!  Ha!  Enjoy your day and happy snacking!
Hugs & Yums,

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