24 June 2010

Kitchen Kids: Creativity and Learning ~ Part 2

This post is the conclusion to my last post, Part 1! More great ideas and information about taking time this Summer to enjoy the kitchen, the grill and any other cooking area with your kids…

4-TRAVEL TREATS are a fun vacation activity to pursue, or even in your own hometown! It always enhances a visit to a new place or part of town to try a food or meal you’ve never tried before, one native to the geographical area. Involving the taste and smell senses makes the memories so much sweeter!

5-JUNIOR CHEFS can lighten your load in the kitchen this Summer! Okay, okay, the mess may be worse…but planning, preparing and serving a meal to their families gives children a big boost in creativity, confidence and caring! Messes can always be cleaned, so let ‘em at it, mom and dad!

6-USE YOUR RESOURCES and there are lots out there! Kids’ cookbooks, picture books and storybooks about food, fun baking/cooking TV shows, the list goes one. Here are a few info-filled links you may enjoy:
Highlights for Parents
Junior Leagues’ Kids in the Kitchen
Rachael Ray Kids
Williams-Sonoma Tweens/Teens in the Kitchen
I’m sure you have many other wonderful ideas for having summer fun in the kitchen with your kids – I’d love to hear them!!!
Hugs & Yums, Laurie

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